We are a proud supporter of EcoJustice

  • You may have heard that a portion of the profit of the sales of houses are used to support a number of charities we hold dear. One of them is EcoJustice. They are a great and necessary organization that defends nature through the legal system. They go to court to combat climate change and fight to protect wilderness and wildlife so that we can all enjoy clean air, water and have an environmental legacy to leave our children.

    For more than 25 years, they’ve gone to court to protect the environment, challenge industrial projects, and keep harmful chemicals out of the air, water, and ecosystems we all depend on. By representing community groups, non-profits, Indigenous communities, and individual Canadians on the frontlines of the fight for environmental justice, they have secured dozens of precedent-setting legal victories that protect wildlife and habitats, strengthen environmental policy, and hold polluters to account.

    EcoJustice is Canada’s largest environmental law charity and is completely funded by individuals and organizations with shared values (us!). That means that all of our clients are also part of this team, and together, we are building the case for a better earth.

    Right now Ecojustice is campaigning for wild salmon.

    Stand with us to protect wild salmon

    Pacific wild salmon are central to one of the most important energy exchanges in nature. They feed more than 100 species — including orcas, bears, wolves and birds — and deliver nutrients to trees in coastal rainforests. Wild salmon are the foundation of our ecosystems, and that’s worth protecting!

    Why EcoJustice is going to court for wild salmon

    We’re going to court to force the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to test B.C. farm salmon for Piscine Reovirus(PRV) before transferring them into net pens in the ocean. Recently published research by Norwegian scientists confirms PRV causes Heart and Skeletal Muscle Inflammation, a disease that causes morbidity and was recently diagnosed in a B.C. fish farm.

    Why we can’t do this without you

    Help us raise $5,000 before September 24 to ensure we have the necessary funds for this critical legal battle. By donating today, you have an opportunity to double your impact and support wild salmon!

    Make a gift today in support of our work to protect wild salmon and Team Nickerrson RE/MAX Real Estate Services will match your donation, dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000. Double your impact today!